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submissives/slaves requesting to serve and wishing to book a session with Mistress Albright-Hussy are to make contact by email/text/contact form. A phone call is a polite way to introduce yourself and permission to call can be made by sending a text or email message. Texts enquiries to serve are permitted.

Mistress Albright-Hussy will require information about you to prepare a personalised session. It is important to note this and understand that completing a session form to make application to serve will be favoured above all. The application form is located on this website and also will be emailed if deemed necessary.


Phone: +44 7506 517 817


Tribute rates: vary and on individual basis per session, however as a guide for tribute expectation, see below:

30 Minutes 'quickie' suitable for impact play such as caning £80

60 Minutes £125

90 Minutes £175 

120 Minutes £225

Session requests beyond 2 hours - details available by respectfully applying to Mistress. 



My diary shows which days I am available for a session.


I expect submissives/slaves to arrive on time to My preferred location, be polite, respectful and maintain a high standard of personal hygiene.

Mistress will give instructions on how the session will be conducted and establish a safe word. This is for the wellbeing and security of both. For those new to kink, a safe word is to ensure your limits are respected. With more experienced players, a safe word will be used to push boundaries and create a sincere and provocative dynamic.


Understand that as a Domme, it is entirely My choice to dress as I please. There are no ‘negotiations’ in this. Mistress Albright-Hussy does indeed, have enticing and stimulating images displayed on Her website – this does not mean that submissives can choose how Mistress attires Herself for sessions. Having said that, Mistress will always be appropriately attired for the particular session type which is booked and taken time to prepare carefully chosen kinky outfits in advance.

submissives/slaves will be naked in session unless otherwise instructed by Mistress.


Please read Mistress Albright-Hussy's website disclaimer before entering ...

Mistress Albright-Hussy's website contains images, audio and texts referencing BDSM and all its related contexts.

Mistress Albright-Hussy's website contains images, videos and pictures of an adult and explicit nature. The content on this site is intended for those over the age of 18 and not for those easily offended. There is no pornographic material on Mistress Albright-Hussy's site.

If you are 18 years of age or older, and not in a location which prohibits material of an adult and explicit nature, and that you understand the nature of this site in viewing the warning hereby given, are fully aware that the contents of this site are not offended, you may ENTER.

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