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Q & A

Q & A

Q. In a formal session‚ is there any sex involved?

A. Absolutely NOT.  A BDSM Session may be considered sensual in many ways‚ but not sexual. If you are into BDSM‚ or fantasize about BDSM‚ a session will be psychologically and emotionally rewarding to you in ways that words cannot explain. If you are looking for sex‚ then I suggest you contact an escort.

Q. What can I expect in a session?

A. An experience that you will not soon forget. Everyone is different‚ as are my sessions. We will take some time prior to going into “session” to discuss your interests‚ fantasies and limits‚ as well as any physical limitations/health concerns that I should know about. We then establish “safe words” to ensure your confidence and safety.  Knowing your focus and limits‚ I can then develop a session that is personalised for you and mutually pleasurable. I stimulate your mind by not letting you know what is coming next!

Q. I have heard the phrase “Long Term” and “Personal Slaves”. What do those mean?

A. The phrases “Long Term” and “Personal Slaves” are the terms used to describe those submissives who are more into the BDSM Lifestyle‚ and desire a Domme/sub relationship that goes beyond the typical session-to-session relationship. It enables the Domme and sub to mutually explore and expand the submissive’s limits by getting to know each other better‚ and build an even higher level of trust and confidence in each other

Q. Do you ever do outcall which is beyond 2 hours‚ or travel outside of the UK to do sessions?

A. Yes, I tour so keep an eye on my website for further information. And, each request is carefully considered on a client-to-client basis. I do‚ however‚ require the submissive to cover all of my expenses.  

Q. I am new to this Mistress‚ but have fantasized about it and I would like to book a session. Do you see inexperienced/newbies?

A. Yes‚ I book sessions newbies and am very experienced in this area of KINK. I understand the needs of the newbies/inexperienced submissives and train them to accept their submissiveness‚ and expand the horizons of that submissiveness. I treat your submissiveness as the exquisite gift that it is. My slaves are submissive to me because they want to be‚ not because they have to be…

Q. How do I book a session and apply to serve?

A. You may contact me by email‚ telephone or voicemail. That information is available in the “Contact/Availability & Session Etiquette” section of this web site. When you contact me‚ we will determine if and when I will see you for a session.


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