Miss Albright Hussy

I am



Anglo-Irish Mistress based in London and the Midlands

I am



Anglo-Irish Mistress based in London and the Midlands


Welcome fellow perverts, I am Mistress Albright-Hussy.

I am an Anglo-Irish Mistress based in London and the UK. Mistress Albright-Hussy has been on the KINK and BDSM scene for 5 years earning the moniker 'ultimate professional' in knowing how to elicit a true mind fuck.

Mistress Albright-Hussy is a lifestyle Mistress who breathes BDSM 24/7 as a way of life and not a career or job. Time with Mistress Albright-Hussy is not a shopping list of kinks but an ethos. This is a time to come and entrust your inner-self and surrender to a creative Mistress who will ensure your every need and want is nourished.

I am not your average Mistress - do not buttonhole Mistress Albright-Hussy (even though she is pocket rocket!). I am not a conventional Mistress. I am one who knows how to train an experienced slave to the highest of standards by pushing them just past the limits of what they believe they can endure. Novices and newbies are developed and encouraged with attention to detail so that the experience is memorable and leaving you wanting more of the personalised KINK intoxication that only Mistress Albright-Hussy can administer. Mistress Albright-Hussy develops sincere dynamics that are personal to the individual's express needs.

Mistress Albright-Hussy leaves an indelible mark in the minds of all those she interacts with. The darkest of dreams you have will become our shining reality within a unique dynamic. Mistress Albright-Hussy will take you further and deport you into your darkest desires and find the inner you which offers your inner will.

"...I was a little apprehensive last night, as I normally am with anyone and Mistress was a little scary as i told her. But i experienced an intensity last night that i haven't experienced since i was with my first Dom (15 years ago). It was very apparent that You are experienced and for me as a sub that's what i need. "


Introducing Mistress Albright-Hussy

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